History Of Nano Robotics

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Abstract—Robotics is a branch which relates to the manufacture of intelligence machines which are programmed for some specified activities which reduces the human effort. Nanotechnology is the study and design of synthesis of devices and systems at the nanometer scale.Nanorobotics is emerging of robotics with the nanotechnology. In other words nanorobotics is merging of microscopic scale with the nanometer. Nanorobotics can be merged with the nanosensors along with the artificial intelligence which have wide range of applications.

Keywords—nanbots,applications ,approaches,artificial intelligence

Nano robotics is the process of merging the microscopic meter components called robots with the nanometer (10^-9 meters) components
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The manipulation of atoms, molecules and materials to form the structures normally from 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology consists of the technological developments based on the nanometer scale.

Nanotechnology has many an enormous number of technical applications. It comprises of developments on the one billionth of a meter(1nm=10^-9m).

Nano scale materials are proving attractive to a new generation of devices due to their unique properties. They are used to create fast responding sensors with good sensitivity and selectivity for the detection of chemical species and biological agents. Nanosensors for Chemical and Biological Applications provides an overview of developments brought about by the application of nanotechnology for both chemical and biological sensor development. Artificial intelligence(AI) is the intelligence which is exhibited by the machines.AI research is highly specialized, in the field of the communication. Some of the divisions in this field are due to social and cultural factors. These AI techniques are used in the machines to grab the data.
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Nanobots mainly consists of two words known as the Nano and Bots. Nano is the prefix which is known as dwarf known as extremely small. It may be measured in the word nanosecond ,which is one billionth of a second. The word bot here is the short form of the robots. Robots can be very useful in the situations where it is dangerous for the human being to work.

A Nanorobots is therefore a very tiny robot, which needs a microscope to see. Researches declared that the outer of the nanorobots is likely be constructed of the carbon atoms in the diamond structure. They will have a diameter of about 0.5 to 3 microns and will be constructed out of parts with dimension about 100 nanometers.

There are of two kinds of nanorobots; assembler and self replicators. Assembler are the nanorobots which are off different shapes and are able to combine the atoms and molecules of different shapes which can be controlled by specified programs. Self-replicators are a sort of assemblers that are capable of duplication and the construction of the large-scale application. Nanorobotics can play a major role in the field of medicine. It especially targets on the inventions into the human body through the vascular
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