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Throughout the years people have been using alternative ways to cure diseases this concept later became known as naturopathy. Dr. Benedict Lust is best known as the founder of naturopathy. He was born on February 3, 1872 in Baden, Germany. To better understand the impact that Lust had on the world and in health care it is important to understand what naturopathy truly is. Naturopathy is basically the idea that an aliment or a disease can be treated and possibly cured without the use of traditional medication or surgery by promoting diet, exercise and massage. In 1902, Lust put the word naturopathy in his own words he stated, “What is Naturopathy? will naturally be now asked by everyone. Naturopathy embodies all-natural healing methods, including…show more content…
His main goal was to stay clear of drugs and surgeries and at that time osteopathy was the way to go. Osteopathy is the treatment of a disorder or an aliment by manipulation or massage of bones, muscles, and joints. Lust was very well educated and in 1901 he attended the New York Homeopathic Medical College, this is where he learned about different forms of holistic and alternative medicine. The following year in 1902 he attended the Universal College of Osteopath in New York City. Lust eventually came across Dr. John Scheel who first coined the term naturopathy, Lust then purchased the term from him. Naturopathy in the idea of Lust was a safe way to cure disease he started developing mixes of nutrients from plants and promoting water therapy. Ways that he spread the word about naturopathy was by opening the first health food store, so people could purchase his natural, safer ways to a healthier less invasive lifestyle. Today health food stores are known and common around the whole world. He then marketed his business by placing advertisements in magazines that were in English and German, they advocated the importance to curing disease

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