History Of Obeah In The Caribbea

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Found across the Caribbean Obeah is one of most well-known African decedent words. Obeah is still very much so a mystery today as it was in years past. Its definition and significance still cannot be explained completely and accurately by scholars. There are so many perspectives on obeah but not much evidence to support everyone’s’ views. The most common view on obeah is that it is evil in nature, devil practice or just simply a cult. Also it is viewed as an unstructured religion because it does not have traditional practices and “gods” that other religions do. During the salve era most eastern or European countries reshaped the positive outcomes obeah and changed in into something “evil”. This perception of obeah has lingered on for years and even today we still view it as such. For these misunderstandings obeah has been outlawed in many Caribbean countries. Obeah is a term that is used to encompass many beliefs and rituals dealing with people having supernatural powers that are used to cause harm to other people. Obeah first originated in the seventeenth century during the slave era in the Caribbean. During the slave era obeah was used as a healing mechanism for the slaves on the plantation. These practices were misinterpreted and considered evil by the whit slave masters on the plantation. According to Gilardo, “Generally, the British used the term Obeah to describe all slave acts and practices that were considered supernatural or evil in nature, such as rituals and

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