Pros And Cons Of American Cuisine

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The Philippine civilization in this century has less appreciation for their cuisine. The majority of Filipinos nowadays are more into other cuisines such as American Cuisine. It is partly because of a huge number of international restaurants being introduced and brought to the Philippines. The other reason is that people say that American Cuisine has better taste and better quality of the food. This research paper proves all of the things about other cuisines being better wrong. It indicates that the Philippine Cuisine is good or even better than American cuisine. It also shows that not all Filipinos have stopped appreciating their cuisine. The Philippine population has slowly been less appreciating their cuisine and it shouldn’t be like that.…show more content…
Fast food is not good for the digestive system and soda can really be harmful to the stomach 2. Fast Food can mess with your metabolism which is very bad. 3. There is too much sugar in fast food. It can also cause indigestion. These can cause one more problem: obesity. 4. Eating too much food that is fried or oily can be dangerous for your stomach and your overall health: carcinogens may put your life at risk. 5. Insanitary conditions. You are not sure of the quality your food has been cooked. You don’t know who and how it was cooked. 6. Fast food chains often use cheap products. It is important to check the ingredients because cheap products can go bad easily and can make you sick. Now, these are the cons for GMOs: 1. Plant and animals that are made resistant to bacteria can actually make bacteria even stronger. 2. Despite claims that GMOs increase crop yields, studies show that it is not true; GMO foods take just as long to grow as standard foods. This means that GMOs do not save time or money and do not lead to decreased food prices. 3. GMOs are new products brought to the marketplace. They are described as safe but many studies say that there are no long term studies done on the products that may yield different

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