History Of Philippine Literature

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Arances, Pevie Joy G. BA Political Science II
Lit 1 MTh 9:00-10:30
The variety and richness of our Philippine literature evolved side by side with our own country’s history. Philippine Literature reflects our norms, beliefs, and values as Filipinos in this country. Philippine Literature developed through different periods or stages: Spanish colonial rule, American Period, under the Republic, and the Contemporary Period.
Philippine Literature can also be seen into different literary approaches that slowly evolved through time.
Spanish period literary writings was the time for the bubbling calls for reforms by the Filipino people spearheaded by the two Filipino heroes Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio. They began to write about the downside and the _____ of the Spanish colonization to the Philippines. Strong national consciousness and patriotic ideas was planted among the Filipinos ushered to the idea of the free Philippines from Spain.
Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, and Ang Katapusang Hibik ng Pilipinas are two of the most well-known masterpieces by Rizal and Bonifacio respectively that helped pushed the Philippine revolution to the eventual overthrow of the Spanish regime.
Moreover, Spain brought to our country nationalistic ideas that influenced our own Filipino intellectuals and writers to write about Philippine independence from colonial rule. Philippine literature at that time demonstrated the combination of realism and existentialism
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