History Of Picnic In The Philippines

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Rafael Olaivar, BPE-SPE 2, CE20
Sr. Sircio Chan, Capitol University
8 March, 2017

Every single word about the Philippines is written and everything became part of the history. But when we talk about picnic in the Philippines, was it part of the history? If we try to browse the internet and look for evidences that picnic is part of the Philippine history the results would be nothing. Even the computers could not tell us an exact answer about this. Now, a lot of people were wondering on how picnic became significant to Filipinos. This paper will tell us the significant rule of picnic in the lives of the Filipinos in connection to the Philippine history.
Main Points
Picnic is being practiced in different parts of the world especially in the Philippines. Filipinos spend some times having picnic together with their families and friends. Philippines have a lot of parks and some of this were built a very long time ago and were already part of the history and some were built to remember the past. Filipinos spent their picnic trips to some of this historical park. By doing these kinds of activity Filipino people already learned and know the history of the Philippines.
Tagaytay on the northern flank of old Mount Taal, is a chartered city, but perhaps the most rural of all the Philippine chartered cities, for it is chiefly notable as a slightly cool upland picnic and resort site with a beautiful view.
Wernstedt and Spencer, 1967

It was not just the park

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