History Of Popular Literature

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Female poet-saints also played a major role in the Bhakti Movement in general. However, many of these women had to struggle for acceptance within the largely patriarchal movement. Only through demonstrations of their absolute devotion to the Divine, their marvelous poetry, and immovable insistence of their spiritual equality with their contemporaries were these women unwillingly accepted within their ranks. Their struggle attests to the strength of patriarchal values within both society and within religious and social movements attempting to pave the way for more democratic entrée to the Divine. The descriptions of Bhakti poetry is grounded in the everyday, recognizable language of ordinary people. Female bhaktas wrote of the obstacles of home,…show more content…
It can be different from artistic literature in the sense that it is designed mainly to entertain. Unlike high literature, popular literature generally doesn’t seek a high degree of formal beauty or delicacy and is not proposed to endure. The development of popular literature has paralleled the spread of literacy through education and has been facilitated by scientific developments in printing. With the Industrial Revolution, works of literature, which were previously produced for using up by small, learned elites, became available to large sections and even the most of the members of a population. The border line between artistic and popular literature is misty, with much traffic between the two categories as current public preference and later critical assessment. While he was alive Shakespeare could be thought of as an author of popular literature, but now, he is regarded as a creator of artistic literature. Certainly, the main method of defining a work as belonging to popular literature is whether it is ephemeral, that is, losing its demand and importance with the passage of time. The most significant genre in popular literature is and forever has been the romance, extending as it does from the medieval ages to the present. The most common type of romance describes the obstacles encountered by two people -usually young-busy in a forbidden love. Another common genre is that of fantasy, or science fiction. Novels set in the western frontier of the U. S. in the nineteenth century, and called westerns, are also popular. Finally, the detective story or murder mystery is a broadly read kind of popular literature. Popular literature has also come to contain such genres as comic books and cartoon strips. There were the days when Indian writing in English was termed derivative and initiative: it has achieved free identity today. From Tagore to Naipaul,
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