History Of Program Design

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Introduction Program Designing: Designing a program is an important aspect of any organization because without a well-designed and managed program the organizations are not able to achieve their goals and see their vision become a reality. Being resource intensive it requires a lot of efforts therefore a good program design is important as many organizations experience scarce and uncertain resources. Good programs act as an index of organizational effectiveness and professionalism as clear and comprehensive planning can result in improved performance. Thus, a sound program plan will provide a guide for effective use of resources and enable organization to track and document progress, help clarify desired outcomes and reinforce understanding…show more content…
Program design must draw from existing bodies of knowledge and include feasible and practical method. While designing a program theory both theory of action and theory of change must be in coherence with the assumptions and hypothesis that are made and these must be drawn from the body of knowledge and the resources activities and output that are designed must be thought through so that it is able to achieve the program outcome that is intended. Any program designed must take into consideration the program theory which will help understand the intervention and its intended outcome and will help bring clarity in terms of what the program is aiming and how the problem is addressed. It will help define the steps the program intends to take and how it is able to function continuously to reach the intended goals and how having a sound monitoring and evaluation program will ensure the effective functioning of the…show more content…
The aim is to determine the relevance and fulfilment of objectives, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. Often evaluation is seen separately from the program but it must be considered as an integral part of the program design as it will help check the progress of the program regularly and understand if there are changes in the situation or has the program deviated from its initial goals. Thus, by incorporating the above component in the design it may be easier to define when evaluation can be done and determines the various stages at which it can be carried out. Thus while designing an evaluation some of the key questions that can be taken into consideration are the purpose of evaluation, for whom is the evaluation, resources available to collect the relevant data. If these are taken into consideration it will be easier to evaluate the program.
Principles to follow while designing a program : A sound program design needs to take into consideration various principle and strategies to help achieve the intended outcome and one of the important aspect is collaboration of various stakeholders as people need to work together to achieve the set objectives and this process requires sharing of ideas , arguing , listening and coming to a logical output framework with reference to existing bodies of knowledge

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