Prosthetic Dentistry

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Maintenance of positive and self-confident personality is mainly achieved by human sound teeth. Our teeth are important in several things some of which are speech as teeth helps in pronunciation of many letters for example letter (s),masticatory function as grinding by molars, and incising by anterior incisors besides teeth are also important in esthetics as they are very important in appearance and loss of teeth can make so many psychological disturbances. The system of mastication can obviously perform more than one function in addition to eating , for instance, talking ,smiling ,yawning by the aid of the muscles of mastication which are temporalis muscle, medial pterygoid ,lateral; pterygoid and masseter muscle .Each of them has its own…show more content…
Removable prosthodontics classified the denture into complete and partial . The complete denture is classified into to types immediate and conventional. The main issue now is the complete one which is the most perfect prescription for the edentulous patients not having any tooth in their oral cavity. However ,there are several factors affecting the denture Inside the patient’s mouth which are Support ,retention and stability with main illustration on support in complete dentures. Dentists must approach knowing the biological aspects of the relativity between oral tissues and denture bases,Thus oral tissues must simply can bear forces or stresses without any irritation to the patient otherwise,relief should be performed…show more content…
So obviously the teeth are extremely important and a major factor for treating the patient’s pschyological disturbance. Meanwhile, the dentists should literally describe for the patient the advantages and disadvantages of the complete denture,and for the patient all the right and decision to choose whether to make it or not.This is considered the most ethically treatment for the patient inorder to gain patient’s trustworthy and support of denture inaddition to retention and stability should be indicated and the denture should be constructed by very careful and accurate
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