History Of Racial Naturalism

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Throughout his book The Racial State Goldberg (2002) argues that race is fundamental to the formation, development and transformation of the modern nation state. Originating in the six-teenth century, racial thinking and racist expression have ever since undergone a process of normalization and naturalization within European societies and their domains of influence. As a consequence, race is inherent to modernity both as an existential condition and as a form of rule.
3.2.1 A brief History of Racial Differentiation throughout Colonial Times
European concerns about foreigners have had a very long history dating back to the estab-lishment of slavery in the fifteenth century. From the sixteenth century onwards, Europeans and those of European descent were self-elevated as more or less privileged, powerful, ‘civi-lized’ and hence superior, whether as an effect of blood or due to their historical progress. All those characteristics of Europeans were taken as given, a simple fact following the logic of “racial predication” (Goldberg 2002:175). The conception of race was introduced and im-posed upon ‘others’ as a means of justifying European superiority and legitimating the exer-tion of power and control over ‘others’. Two strands of racial conceptions were at the basis of the justification of European superiority and power during colonial times, namely racial natu-ralism and racial historicism (Goldberg, 2002).
Racial Naturalism
Racial naturalism – justified by an alleged
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