History Of Renaissance Architecture: The Importance Of Roman Architecture

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KABELO THEKISO ID: 201502735 HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE ESSAY (ARB 213) RANIASSANCE ARCHITECTURE Renaissance means resurgence or re-birth. This era is named this way as it is considered to be the revival of Roman architecture. It originated in Italy in 15th century, architects of this era based there theories and practical on the classical roman examples such as the Pantheon (the temple of celestial deities) and the colosseum. Classical orders and elements such as pilasters , columns, entablatures, pediments, arches and domes formed the vocabulary of renaissance buildings but the elements were not just copied, rather they were used in different styles than of the roman architecture. The beauty of the building was defined by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man. Source:”http://vitruvianstudio.com” This era was characterized by harmonic form, mathematical proportions and units based on the human scale no matter how big the building is. Unlike other eras like of Egyptian architecture renaissance strived to show structures that appeal in both reason and emotions, meaning that they showed expression of an architect. Within this era we are now introduced to the segregation of architecture were we will be having a designer who come up with how the building is to be built producing a small

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