The History Of Rock And Roll

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Rock and Roll is a popular music genre of which has received widespread in the mid-1950s. This genre was formed from the combination of the main characteristics of African-American and "white" genres such as country music as well as rhythm and blues. Style of white performers was called rockabilly. Rockabilly is a musical genre, actually, it is a form of early rock 'n' roll, which is a synthesis of rock and roll and country music (especially its southern subgenre - hillbilly and possibly bluegrass). Also, rockabilly was greatly influenced by the swing and boogie-woogie. The term "rockabilly" comes from the word "rock" and "hillbilly" genre. Rockabilly appeared in the southern United States in the early to mid-1950s and soon gained great popularity.…show more content…
Also, in Britain, their importance was limited too. Such well-known British rhythm and blues bands as the Rolling Stones as well as the Yardbirds intentionally turned away from rock and roll in the direction of its sources in the US. Moreover, even the following generation of successful bands which owed much more to rock and roll, often covered songs by American artists, including Chuck Berry, however, rarely used material from known British acts. Undoubtedly, early British rock and roll was an inspiration and had a great influence on the shape and instrumentation of the beat music that headed the British Invasion, however, it had to be significantly changed into something vital and new in order to have any impact outside of its own…show more content…
As it was the capital of the nation, mostly, the music was highly politicised as well as opened to a set of foreign influences. What is more, it was marginal for the most part of the 1980s, consisting mainly of live performances in small hotels and bars. Moreover, the music was almost exceptionally for the university students as well as "underground" bohemian circles. During the period of late 1989 and early 1990 Chinese rock and roll partly emerged into mainstream music as a combination of prison song fads and the Northwest Wind(Washburn).
Possibly, the first Chinese rock and roll song was the anthem of the Northwest Wind "Nothing To My Name", that was first performed by Cui Jian, the father of Chinese rock in 1984. Moreover, the song presented into post-revolutionary China a completely new characteristic spirit of a culture that combined direct and bold expression as well as individualism. Soon, it came to symbolise the frustration kept by a disappointed generation of young intellectuals who grew quite cynical about Communism and critical of China's traditional and modern culture. Also, even for older Chinese, it expressed a dissatisfaction with unfulfilled promises of the current Chinese

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