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Sedition that exists in Malaysia during the British colonial era . Criminal incitement has its roots in the era when statesmen and political leaders have considered a large part of it because it has received a reprimand by the common man, and when government institutions are far more horrible now. Coups and revolutions are a constant threat, and resort to political violence a common phenomenon. The basic cause sedition modern democracy is a concept that most of it . As a result, a lot of sedition laws in many countries have abolished or have fallen into disuse for some time and the time when the law is still relevant and can still be used but there are those who deliberately repeal the law for its own sake. Against this background, the prosecution of the offense of sedition has become increasingly common in Malaysia and it is very surprising since lately . British…show more content…
First and foremost topic is about the symptom that relate with this sedition topic and its was about the symptom of aggressive development nowadays. This symptom becomes more serious today because there are a lot of new technology development and it’s easy for making this crime. And the second is about the law application officials, lack of essential technical expertise to deal with illegal activity. Their shows there are lack of professionalisms to handle the legal activities. Third symptom of the sedition is about the illegal activities has been detected on many businessman are reluctant to lodge police report because they afraid they will be embarrassment. Others than that, there are have three major categories that relate with this symptom which are crimes against the person, property and the

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