History Of Social Entrepreneurship

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Introduction The book provides inspiration and encouragement to those who wanted change in the field of social entrepreneurship. I find the book very timely where students can cull information on improving and commencing social change and entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurship as everybody knows is an act which would result to having the ideas and skills that can be used to help solve any surging societal problems. Only in this book that one can get an idea how to commence change in society. It also provides opportunities to address social problems so as to make the society livable and peaceful. And I find the book a perfect one where it can instill in the minds of the young professionals, or young entrepreneurs, that social change
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It is not social entrepreneurship if the society is engulfing in the abyss of troublesome condition. It is not social entrepreneurship if it remains obscure and in oblivion because it has remain stagnant with its problems and hardships. A society that is free from problems is a society where most people are into social entrepreneurship. The book has led me to a realization that social entrepreneurship is the process of introducing and injecting new value into society. The social entrepreneurs are expected to be thinkers for change. It is to be understood that the ability to do that is determined by how they see things as a problem or a…show more content…
In other words, talented social entrepreneurs are in demand just to launch or initiate change in the society. In the same manner, the book as an introduction to the field is matchless or unparalleled. I find the provision of the definition of social entrepreneurship very clear and straight and that of innovating society where the social entrepreneurs have to use their skills and talents. Evident in the book is the elaboration of making “everyone a changemaker” based on the concept of Ashoka’s Bill Drayton. This goes to say that as a social entrepreneur, it is important that one has to be skilled and equipped with talents. These talents should be in line with how to make plans to effect change in the society. One can never be effective to maker and create change once they do not have talents. I like the book it is drive to emphasize making everyone a changemaker. This therefore explains that change has to be made and not just being thought of or being just conceptualized. In other words, one has to make it real by putting into action what was first created in the mind to the actuality where change has to be felt and experienced by people in the society. Then again, only the social entrepreneurs have the capacity and the talent to make it happen for

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