History Of Symbolic Interaction Theory

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Every human being understands the symbols and the meanings of the universe in a unique and profound way. These symbols and their meanings evolve throughout an individual’s life. Ever wonder how these symbols meanings develop? According to the Symbolic interaction theory, symbols are culturally derived social objects with shared meanings that are created and maintained in social interaction (Symbolic Interaction). In other words, the meaning of the symbols is developed through human interaction and communication. As a result of this, human interaction is a vital part of society and reality. For instance, by communicating and using language these symbols and their meanings go through an interpretive process in which reality is constructed. Symbolic interaction also states that individuals develop self-concepts through the interaction with others. Self-concepts are an individual 's perception of their own actions, potential, and distinctive characteristics. These self-concepts give the individual an essential motive for behavior. Furthermore, the theory states that people and groups are influenced by cultural and social processes. Therefore, social structure is worked out through social interaction. This paper aims to analyze symbolic interaction theory, discuss its history, criticisms, as well as emphasizing the current social condition of gender inequality which relates to it.
Communication is a vital part of everyday life and society. Communication is the exchange of

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