History Of The Anglo-Dutch Treaty 1824

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The Anglo-Dutch Treaty, 1824 is known as Treaty of London. This treaty was signed between United Kingdom and United Kingdom of Netherlands in London on March 17, 1824. This treaty was signed to resolve disputes arising from execution of the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814. For Dutch, this treaty was signed by Hendrik Fagel and Anton Reinhard Falck and for the United Kingdom it was signed by George Canning and Charles Watkin Williams Wynn. This treaty was created to solve many of the issues that had come to light due to the British occupation of Dutch properties during the Napoleonic Wars and also the issues regarding to the rights to trade that existed for hundreds of years in the Spice Islands. These issues were a treaty that addressed a broad array of issues and did not clearly describe limitations of expansion by either side in the Malay world. The British establishment of Singapore on the Malaya Peninsular in 1819 by sir Stamford Raffles worsen the tension between the two nations, especially as the Dutch claimed that the treaty signed between Raffles and the Sultan of Johore was null and void and that the Sultanate of Johore was under the Dutch sphere of influence. The questions surrounding the fate of Dutch trading rights in British India and formerly Dutch possessions in the area also became the point of dispute between Calcutta & Batavia. Negotiations were made under pressure from British merchants with interests in the Far East in 1820 to elucidate the situation in
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