History Of The Gilded Age: Captains Of Industry

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Captains of Industry
Who were the wealthy industrialists of the late 19th century? The wealthy industrialists were captains of industry. During the Gilded age that happened between 1877-1900 which was also known as the early part of the industrial revolution, this time included leaders, entrepreneurs,and new technologies.
One reason that the wealthy industrialists are captains of industrialists are because they had great political leaders. These leaders were not only great leaders but had great ideas. For example in the article “The industrial revolution in america”, the author states “political leaders frequently used institutions like the House Of Morgan to finance government operations and perform diplomatic functions, both in peace and war.” Also in the same article they state, “Politics in the Gilded Age” the author says “ Political leaders did not seem particularly embarrassed by the open corruption.”This shows that they used their resources to make amazing ideas to help the country. This also shows that they really thought out these ideas to make sure that they weren 't leading everyone into a trap. As a result these political …show more content…

The last reason that the wealthy industrialists are Captains of Industry is because of the new technologies that were invented during this time period. These new technologies helped not only the economic growth but also sparked ideas on how to organize businesses. For example this is shown in the article “The Gilded Age” when the author says “new technologies and new ways of organizing business led a few individuals to the top.” Another example of this is shown in the article “The Development of Industrial State” the author states “An outburst of new technological innovation in the late 19th century fueled this headlong economic growth.” This evidence really shows that when most people hear new technologies they think of just the new inventions. But what they don 't think of is how these new technologies help and improve the

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