History Of Tourism Industry In Malaysia

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Malaysia 's tourism industry began to emerge in late 1960. The tourism industry is not regarded as a major economic activity up to 1970 because at that time, the contribution of primary commodities such as rubber and tin is much more important. In 1970, the Malaysian government began to develop the tourism industry to meet several objectives, such as increasing revenues in foreign exchange, increase employment opportunities and incomes, promote regional development, diversify the economy and increase government revenue (Zainab and Shaharuddin, 1997: 177; Ghazali Musa , 2000: 144). Tourism Development Corporation of Malaysia (TDC) was established in 1972, the corporation is responsible for the development of tourism. At that time, TDC is not a priority with limited financial. Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism was established in 1987. This Ministry plays a role in providing incentives, improving the quality of basic amenities, creating a more comprehensive and includes provisions to promote the industry. The ministry then was transferred to the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia until today. Tourism brings several of meaning; one of the kinds is characterized as service and experience product of which destination attributes are very important in attracting tourists to make their first time and repeat visits. In the past of two decades, a grower the number of tourist was increase became tired of staying in chain hotel that accommodate a large scale of tourist and

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