History Of Urbanization In Malaysia

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1.0 ABSTRACT Nowadays, the urban migration issue is not a new problem in all developing countries over the world including Malaysia. The number of migration is increasing year by year and as results it cause many problem in terms of over populated growth and population as well to society. However, based on history in Malaysia, migration are one of the factors which contributed to country in the process of economic and social development. It has started since urbanization during British colonial (1887-1956) introduced a liberal immigration policy. As a result of these policies, many foreign workers, especially from China, India and Indonesia brought in to work on the plantation, construction, mining and administrative. After the independence, Malaysia continued to practice this policy as it helps in development and economic progress of a country as well it give more employment opportunities not only for local residents but to the outside world. 2.0 INTRODUCTION Based on Cambridge dictionary, term of migration is the process of moving or being moved from one place to another (Cambridge Dictionaries: migration, 2015). While, urban or urbanization is the process by which more and more people leave the countryside to live in cities (Cambridge Dictionaries: Urbanization, 2015). Therefore, when we talk about urban migration it is involved group of people or single people from rural or countryside migrated to urban area or cities. Usually, migration can because of forced by

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