History Of Vrikshayurveda

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Vrikshayurveda deals with various tree and plant species and ensure the healthy growth and productivity. The ancient text consists of about 170 different plant species including herbs, shrubs and trees. The different chapters of Vrikshayurveda deal with agrihorticultute, homegardening, intercropping and storage etc. Plant procurement and preservation of plants along with soil treatment, ground water management and fertilizers were mainly emphasized. Vrikshayurveda suggested that tree planting is one of the means to attain the four broad aim of life i.e. dharma, artha, kama and moksha which indicated the importance of trees in the holistic development of mankind and the use of crop production for sustainable agriculture (Sadhale
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The second class “Anupam” represents the land which is fertile in nature and found rich in vegetation and towering thick trees surrounded such places (Ramacharan, 1984). The third class is “Sadharana” which is neither more fertile nor infertile the word Sadharana means ordinary in Hindi. The second chapter “Bijoptivithi” illustrated about the process of seed germination and explains about grading and preservation of seeds. The methods described for seed preservation is to mix the seeds with ashes and it was also suggested that the seeds should be exposed to the medicated smoke which can serve as an antimicrobial agent. ‘Padpavivaksa’ elucidate the tree biology and it was believed that the plants have life and senses, the main difference between plants and human that the tree has its head rooted deep in the earth, and the branches spread in the air on the other hand; man keeps his head high up and walks on his branches, his legs. It was also believed that plants and trees also suffer from hunger and pain (Ramacharan, 1984). The life in plants was later scientifically certified by J C Bose. The ‘Niscana Vidhi’ describes various methods of irrigation and the effect and use of fertilization. The irrigation of each plant should be in very scientific manner and amount of water was calculated. It also provides information about the diseases of plants. Fertilizers are prescribed for undeveloped and underdeveloped trees and plants. The use of fertilizers is not limited to Vrksayurveda but in ‘Brhat Samhita’ special type of fertilizer named ‘Kunapajala’ is also

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