Nikola Tesla In History

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Tesla in History Nikola Tesla was born in the 1850’s, to a father who was a preacher, and a mother who was a hard worker. It was July 9/10 in 1856. I say both 9th and 10th because he was born at between the two. He started to study physics and electricity even as a child and continued to do so in college. After realizing that the best opportunities for a successful life doing what he loved were in America and getting a referral to work for the famous Thomas Edison by mutual friend Charles Batchelor, Tesla immigrated and sailed to New York with little more to his name than a few dollars, and made his way to Edison’s office to introduce himself and a wonderful new idea he had come up with to change the world. The idea he had was an alternating current motor, that worked because of his discovery of the rotating magnetic field, and change the world it did, but not by any help that Edison offered. As soon as Tesla arrived and introduced himself and his idea, Edison took a look at him, said he had no interest…show more content…
What people don’t realize is that he made or started many of the things we take advantage of today. Things like radio, which he actually beat Marconi to the invention of, but wasn’t officially recognized for until years later. Which was long enough, sadly, that most of the history books had already recorded the wrong man. In the late 1800’s, many people had caught on to the idea that one could send information through the air using the right radioactive waves that were constantly flowing through the air. Some of the many contenders included Pupin, Popov, Edison, Lodge, Tesla and and a man by the name of Guglielmo Marconi. In truth, even though there appear to be quite a few names here, even leaving out the larger portion of those who were trying to figure it out, the two people who were the most forefront in the contest were Tesla and
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