History: The Importance Of The History Of History

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The word History is derived from a Greek word Historia, which means inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation.
History is the study of the past based on inquiry and investigations, as it is defined in written documents. Events before written record are termed as the prehistory. Study of history is vital to know the origin of our existence.

WHY TO STUDY THE HISTORY? History helps us in understanding the change and how the society that we live in came to be and the second reason history is inescapable as the theme of serious study follows it strictly on the first. The past grounds our present, and then so the future. It is so vital to study history because it permits us to know well our past, which may in turn allows us to recognize our present. We need to look towards the history for the answers of questions like how was the world years back and how it is today. People often say that “History repeats itself” but if we study the successes and disappointments of the past we may be able to learn from our faults and avoid restating them in our future. Studying the history can allocate us with the insight into our cultures of origin as well as cultures with which we might have been fewer aware, thereby swelling cross-cultural consciousness and the understanding. History helps us understand the world:
History empowers us to understand that how the world has

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