Hitch And The Wedding Ringer

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Love to Laugh The romantic comedy genre has so many different attempts at creating a movie that entertains both genders, most people can only think of the ones that failed. To actually keep both males and females entertained during a romantic comedy is an enormous feat. A truly great romantic comedy has fantastic leading actors, outfits to fit the part, and bond that is built throughout the movie. When considering these aspects, two movies come to mind that hit the marks for great romantic comedies, Hitch and The Wedding Ringer. Although both are two of the best romantic comedies available, Hitch rises above and beyond when it comes to making the perfect romantic comedy. The key aspect to having a successful romantic comedy is having a leading…show more content…
While these bonds are typically of a male and female having a romantic relationship, it is not limited to that. In Smith’s movie, Hitch, Alex is hired by a man, Albert, to help him win over a woman who appears to be way out of his league. Alex, who had been heartbroken years before, knew exactly what to say to other men about dating, but when it came to himself, he never dated due to the terrible pain he felt from his last heart break. Just before Alex helps him for the first time, Alex is out in a bar socializing when he overhears a woman being harassed by another man. He walks up and pretends to be her boyfriend to get the man to go away. Alex is immediately interested in the woman, Sara (Eva Mendes), after he gets the other man to go away and attempts to flirt with her. She shuts him down in a cute, “I’m interested but not desperate” way. This “I like you, I don’t like you” goes back and forth between Alex and Sara the whole movie. Sara ends up making Alex furious by writing a gossip column article about Alex’s career and shames him for everyone to read. Alex turns bitter, and hates his career, to a point of wanting to quit. Albert shows up and reminds Alex of what he does and why he does it, in turn causes Alex to get over his bitter feelings and chase after Sara. He eventually catches Sara and wins her back with the knowledge that love may hurt, but it’s worth it since he…show more content…
Hitch keeps both genders entertained with the bond that is built between Sara and Alex. Will Smith leading his cast in a funny, but relatable, way is one of the major aspects that makes Hitch go above and beyond all of romantic
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