Hitchhiker By Lucille Jetcher Analysis

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“And know-I knew that he was beckoning-beckoning me to my death.” Adams, from the story “Hitchhiker”. In the “Hitchhiker” by Lucille Fletcher, there is a man named Adams who is driving from New York to California and along the way he is followed by a hitchhiker. In the “Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury, Leonard Mead goes out for a walk every night and one night he gets in trouble with the police. The “Hitchhiker” by Lucille Fletcher, is more suspenseful than the “Pedestrian” by Ray Bradbury, because of the writing techniques: imagery, word-choice, and dialogue. The first technique that both the authors use is imagery. In this quote Adams is driving down the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and he has just seen the same hitchhiker again. “I was just slowing
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