The Holocaust: The Rise Of Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler has become one of the most well-known dictators this world has ever seen. His power didn’t only spread throughout Germany, but throughout Europe as well. During World War II and now, there are people that believe his actions were inhumane and then there are others who follow him and worship him like a god, for example, Neo-Nazis. Before World War II, Germany was on the break of a serious depression, everything started to fall apart. Their economy was crashing and they just lost a major war. Everyone was looking for someone to point blame at. Hitler gave German citizens someone to blame and planned to purify his country. The Jewish people were very well known for their economic stability and this led to the idea that they were stealing the Germans money and creating the depression. The German citizens began to agree with…show more content…
In the article “The Holocaust”, says that “ in 1933, Jews in Germany numbered around 525,000, or only 1 percent of total German population”( Staff “The Holocaust”). Hitler wanted his Germany to be filled with only the Aryan Race. Later down the road in 1941, innocent lives were transported into concentration camps. These camps were designed for mass killings, “Auschwitz alone, more than 2 million people were murdered” ( Staff “The Holocaust”). Even though only the Jewish population was sent into the treacherous gas chambers, thousands of non-Jewish blood died from cruelty, starvation, and disease. President Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066 impaired the lives of over 117,000 Japanese-Americans. According to the article, “Japanese Internment Camps” from, about one percent of Hawaii’s population was rounded up and thrown into the camps. If you had just one-sixteenth Japanese blood, you were evacuated. Along with the children, elderly, and
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