Hitler As Chancellor And Dehumanization Essay

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Hitler as Chancellor and Dehumanization of Jews The year 1933 marked the beginning of the systematic dehumanization of Germany’s Jewish people. This was the year Hitler was elected as Chancellor. Germany was already a militaristic country, and anti-Semitism was nothing new. Hitler considered himself a profound thinker who had found the solution to the world’s problems, and that solution was his contribution to the Nazi party- the Nazi ideology. This was the beginning of the systematic destruction of the Jewish people. Hitler believed that different groups of people inherently had features characteristic of their race. No individual could overcome these innate qualities, and all of human struggle was due to these variances. War was the human condition.…show more content…
By this time, most Jews had either left the country or were keeping their heads down. The "Night of Broken Glass" was started when a Jewish man killed a German; this was used as an excuse to encourage spontaneous public ambush of the Jewish people. Their businesses were destroyed and tagged with paints, the windows were shattered, and many were beaten, raped, or even killed. It was almost entirely done by the SA and SS, but they wanted to make it look spontaneous. They wanted to make it appear as if it was standard German citizens; if other average citizens saw their peers attacking the Jewish people, they would think that that was what was acceptable. So they preformed these violent attacks in street clothes and made them appear to be created from the mindset of the average German of the time. This normalization was what allowed a surge of anti-Jewish legislation to be passed in the autumn and winter of 1938-1939. This gradual accumulation of anti-Jewish propaganda and building violence where what allowed Hitler to maintain his power and systematically destroy millions upon millions of

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