Adolf Hitler: A Great Leader

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Adolf Hitler. Arguably the most well known historical leader of all time. Though, many western societies consider Hitler an evil and inhuman man, none can deny that he was a great leader. But was he the best? Hitler rose to power with efficiency that any german would be proud of, he then created a force to be reckoned with from the rubble of a fallen nation. He proceeded to unite a divided people, towards his own goal. Hitler decreased Germany’s unemployment rate from a massive 6 million to a mere 300,000 in a matter of years. Adolf Hitler was the greatest leader of all time; because, he created a superpower, he united a people, and he achieved financial stability in Germany. After World War I, Germany was in ruins, Hitler restored Germany and created a superpower. Due to the…show more content…
He showed his support in many different ways. Such as, passing a law that allowed married couples to receive interest free loans, from 1000 Reichsmarks and above, helping them to set up homes and build families. And for each child born, they would obtain 250 Marks without being required to repay it. Family allowances, marriage loans and child subsidies, were provided to poorer families. Hitler also insured that german workers were treated well. Funding many worker welfare programs, such as, international vacations, cruises, and theater trips. Along with these sponsored trips he also gave each citizen a free radio, a five day workweek for all workers, free public health, and every large factory had to provide rest areas, cafeterias, dressing rooms, and even playing fields with swimming pools for its workers.
A core value of Nazi Germany was that “None shall starve nor freeze’, or that all citizens should share the same standard of living. Annually, high-ranking Nazis and citizens would roam the streets to collect charity for the unfortunate, this generated a feeling of comradeship toward those in
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