Hitler Ruler Essay: Adolf Hitler As A Devil

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As we all know, Adolf Hitler was described as a “devil” due to his ruling method of Germany. He was a harsh Nazis leader who implemented a lot of controversial policies. It seems like all what Hitler did were negative and brought huge harm to Germany as well as to the world history. However, is it a true story? What made him become a “sinner”? The answers will be found out in this essay.

Hitler had implemented a lot of harsh and controversial internal policies, which had made him a nickname of “devil”. For example, he discriminated the Jews on a high level, he hatred the Jews. “Hitler did not regard Jews as German: he regarded them as a separate race.” Hitler killed a lot of Jews in the era when he was ruling Germany. Also, he sent those who were not Nazi to the concentration camp, this caused a lot of people, mainly the Jews, to emigrate. Hitler even blamed the Jews for the defeat of World War One. Hitler was an anti-communist and anti-capitalism person, he wanted to build a classless community. Hitler took absolute control to Germany, no matter which aspect. He washed out all the people who were not having the same view as him. Apart from this, he tried to brainwash citizens to support Nazism by education and propagandas. Hitler also discriminated women in working place, he removed the welfare for women and even reduce the numbers of employed women. Hitler was a talented person, he made good use on human minds. “I have not come into this world to make men better, but to
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