Hitler Youth: Conformity In A Time Of Conflict

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Conformity in a Time of Conflict Conflict is caused by many things, and conflict affected many lives. There are many ways to deal with such conflict, one of them being conformity. Conformity is convenient and effective tool that is used in a time of conflict. Susan Bartoletti, the author of Hitler Youth: Growing Up in Hitler’s Shadow, told the story of Sophie Scholl’s conformity and Joanne Oppenheim, the author of Dear Miss Breed, shared the experiences of young Japanese Americans in internment. Both these authors, along with a few other authors, showed how conformity can help in a time of conflict, reasons not to resist the ways of the other party, and how one can comply while resisting the ideas of the other party. Conformity can help in many situations. Conformity can be used to feel accepted, or to help during conflict. In some cases…show more content…
A shrewd househunter like Mama could set things up fairly comfortably - by Manzanar standards- if she kept her eyes open. But you had to move fast. As soon as the word got out that so- and- so had been cleared to leave, there would be a kind of tribal restlessness, a nervous rise in the level of neighborhood gossip as wives jockeyed for a position to see who would get the empty cubicles” (Houston 70). Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston was a child that lived in an internment camp. She experienced many things, but her parents told her to comply with the United State’s wishes and do as they were told. By conforming, Jeanne and her family were able to survive the hasty manner their own country treated them in. Social psychologists look at times of war for examples of conformity. Hossna Sadat states, “During conformity one changes the way they behave in response to social pressures. We have all encountered social conformity in life, whether it has been consciously or unconsciously, by accepting the dominant culture’s expectation of us. What people say and how they behave are vastly influenced by others.” She touches on
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