Hitler's Belief In Concentration Camps

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The Holocaust. That may just be words to some people, but to others, this was the most devastating thing ever to happen to one human race. The Holocaust happened because Hitler blamed Jewish people for losing World War I. The Holocaust was mostly to get rid of people that Hitler didn’t see as the superior race. The superior race was blond hair and blue eyes. But most importantly, they had to be Christians. Not everybody fit in with this entirely, but some were targeted just because they didn’t believe in what Hitler believed. But because some people didn’t believe in the Christian beliefs, they got sent to concentration camps. We know that the Jewish weren 't treated well in concentration camps, but how were they treated? In concentration camps…show more content…
There were many groups that formed to stand up for what they believed in, but only a couple are known. The first one is The Jewish Resistance. This resistance worked in and outside of the concentration camps. But in the concentration camps, they did things such as killing Nazi soldiers to try and escape the death camps. There was also The Jewish Fighting Organization. This organization did things such as blowing up the gas chambers. Finally there was The Jewish Special Detachment, also known as Sonderkommando. They smuggled bombs to blow up the crematoriums. All these brave people faced harsh punishments such as being hung, shot, or killed with poisonous gas.

To conclude, concentration camps did horrible thing to people just because Hitler did see them as "desirable", Hitler thought that we should live in a world without Jews. So he sent them to concentration camps. They lived in harsh conditions. They went through harsh labor that killed most of the people. Some people decided to take a stand, but got punished harshly for those actions. They weren 't treated well for these reasons. More than nine million of the Jewish population died in the
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