Hitler's Charisma Thesis

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Essay Proposal
This research question is regarding Hitler’s charisma, whether it was real personal charisma, or whether his character was constructed by propaganda or the work of others and perceived by the people as his own charisma.
Aims & Purpose
This question aims to find out how Hitler’s rise to power came to be. The conventional view attributes it to his charisma and ability to put the peoples’ desires into words. It is interested in seeing how charisma (whether real or perceived) can garner one man such popularity and power, showing how much tolerance people can give to a leader they believe in.
This essay hopes to prove that Hitler’s charisma as regarded by the people may have been facilitated by his propaganda or exploitation
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On the other hand, it has to be seen as a reflection of 'mentalities', value-systems, and socio-political structures which conditioned the acceptance of a 'Superman' image of political leadership. Ian Kershaw, “The Hitler Myth”, History Today, Volume 35 Issue 11 November 1985, http://www.historytoday.com/ian-kershaw/hitler-myth

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Hitler’s successful rise to power – and his charismatic leadership – was based on his rhetorical skills. Germans had to deal with the trauma of a lost war, the destruction of the old political system based on the Kaiser, the fear of a Communist revolution, a humiliating peace treaty. Hitler was thus preaching to people who were desperate. He structured his early speeches to produce an emotional response.
Laurence Rees, Hitler’s Charisma: Leading Millions into the Abyss, (London: Ebury, 2012), 21-22
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‘It’s always claimed that the Führer was sent to us from God. I don’t doubt it. The Führer was sent to us from God - though not in order to save Germany but to ruin it.’
-German civilian, 1944 Nazi Intelligence
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