Hitler's Dictatorship In The United States

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To start off, Hitler made changes in the country. When Hitler was released from prison, he took over the government. Furthermore, a dictatorship is a civilized area being run by a person who controls and gives no liberty to citizens. Hitler thought by doing this he could make Germany a better place, but instead he started a war. Also, he planned a group called the Nazis who would kill Jews and take over the world. He was elected chancellor on the second election he was in; from that, he took over the government and began the Nazi regime “Hitler’s Nazi party captured 18% of the popular vote in the 1930 elections. In 1932, Hitler ran for President and won 30% of the vote, forcing the eventual victor, Paul von Hindenburg, into a runoff election.…show more content…
The Nazis conquered countries by making people believe in what the Nazis believed in. Hitler had his Nazis attack their enemies with full power during the Great Depression. Echelons of Nazis tanks were put into battle, conquering countries. He did this during the Great Depression because with all of his enemies weak, it would be easier to eliminate/kill them. “Adolf Hitler demonstrated his political skill in taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the depression. He developed his Nazi Party into a mass movement and used a combination of his popular support and behind-the-scenes intrigue to propel himself into power,” (Meier). Finally, Hitler started a huge war when he was taking over Germany’s government and ostracizing Jewish…show more content…
An example of this in The Maze Runner is the fact that the characters are brainwashed, so they do not know why the are in the maze; the main character, Thomas, had to get stung by a hideous creature called a griever to get his memory back. He learns that WICKED is testing on the children like slaves, with no care, and that is an example of dystopia. “‘But I remember enough. The Creators are testing us. The Maze was never meant to be solved. It’s all been a trial,” (Dashner 302). Authors use different genres of literature to make the reader understand dystopia and to be
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