Hitler's Final Solution Analysis

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During the Second World War, Hitler sought out to carry out his “final solution” which is later known as the Holocaust. The Holocaust consisted of a series of Concentration camps, or death camps, which forced prisoners, many Jews, and some criminals, through hard labor. The young, the old, and the inadequate people obtained death sentences upon their arrival at the concentration camps. Hitler, by the end of the Holocaust, created many Concentration camps, but the main and first one Hitler called Auschwitz. Hitler’s first endeavor at creating his “final solution” consisted of him creating the concentration camp, Auschwitz but, the genocide was only possible because of his SS, his placement of his first Concentration camp, his popularity with…show more content…
Hitler served in the German Army during the First World War and felt very passionate towards the well-being of Germany. Therefore, when Germany had decided to surrender at the end of The First World War, Hitler became upset and did not agree and “the end of the war was a personally emotional disaster for Hitler as well. It brought threat of demobilization [and] tearing him from his only community in which he had ever felt at home.” This showed how because Hitler had joined the war he felt that he had a family there that he did not want to let down by losing the war. This then prompted him to start The Second World War. “Hitler was convinced that Germany ought to be a supremely powerful nation and therefore could not believe that losing the war could be Germany’s fault.” This means that because of his involvement in the War he became “convinced that Germany ought to be [supreme]”. Then, since Hitler gained a leadership role in The Second World War, he could apply the tactics and strategy he learned during his time and he could use his power to get back at those he felt had wronged Germany before and during the First World War, the Jews. “Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany in 1933” and using this power, which he could have only obtained by being in the Second World War, Hitler set up his Concentration camps in strategically, adding to his “final

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