Hitler's Impact On The Power Of Adolf Hitler

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Think about the power a leader has in their hands, the capability to do good or cause destruction right underneath their fingertips. How would life be under a ruthless leader like Adolf Hitler? There are many leaders out there but when it comes to the most cruel leader the first person to pop into people 's minds is Adolf Hitler. He was known for abusing his power to do terrible things for his personal greed. Adolf Hitler abused his power negatively by killing/torturing many jews and treating everyone but the dominant person in his eyes poorly. He also caused countless other problems naming him as one of the worst leaders in history. Adolf Hitler had a lot of power being the ruler of Nazi Germany, but he used to poorly, with power like that many good can be done but Adolf Hitler used it in a negative way. He used his power to create a genocide against Jews and focus the country towards war instead of improvement of the nation.
Adolf Hitler, was an aspiring artist but there was no success coming his way therefore he screened for Austrian military service in 1914, and was put into war when world war 1 started, being deployed in october 1914 to Belgium. He ranked up after being wounded in war and then moved on to take up a political position, through the Nazi party which grew bigger after Hitler joined.This new found power of his allowed for the start of his destruction. “Hitler 's hatred of poverty, his rabid devotion to his German heritage, and his loathing of Jews
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