Essay On Hitler's Significance On Jews 1933-45

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What was Hitler’s significance on Jews 1933-45?

It is clear that Hitler had great significance on the lives of Jews 1933-45, however the extent of his significance is often questioned. Hitler clearly possessed a disliking towards the Jewish community and did play a part in their brutal downfall, however he was not completely responsible. He created an environment where the Jews were viewed as outsiders - a platform on which he would ‘purify’ the German population and evict the Jews from Germany. Hitler was not afraid to speak his mind and he said the words many Germans had without the courage to speak, until Hitler came along. He set off a chain reaction that could have been opposed by the German people, but wasn't. He represented Germany’s views and made them public, made the idea of
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The Holocaust meant the mass murder of over 6 million Jews, either delivered by toxic gas or firing squads. Although brutal, this was an efficient and effective way of exterminating the Jews so that the Germans could focus on the war. Due to this, extermination camps came along, as there was no longer lebensraum (living space), food or simply resources to supply the Jews with. The Final Solution was here, albeit altered because of the war. The original plan was to deport the Jews, not to murder them in mass. Hitler’s significance in the Holocaust is often questioned. Although he never seemed to order it, he didn’t stop it from happening. The lives of 6 million people lost - the lives of 6 million men, women and children, lost. Much like Kristallnacht, Hitler did not play a part - yet he did. Without him, the officers who put forth both plans would have no one to impress. With him, they did. They shared their hatred for the Jews. They shared their obsession with the ‘pure Aryan
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