Letter To Adolf Hitler

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William Patrick Hitler a nephew of Adolf Hitler, born in Liverpool the 12 March 1911. William was son of Hitler’s brother, Alois Hitler and his wife Bridget Dowling. Alois abandoned his family in 1914, Bridget send William to Germany to visit his father in 1929 when William was 18. In 1933, William returned to Germany in an attempt to benefit from his uncle’s rise to power. Adolf Hitler found him a job in a bank but William was not pleased and threaten his uncle that if he didn’t find him a better job he would sell private stories of the family. In 1938 he fled Nazi Germany and moved to London. In January 1939 William moved to the United States with his mother during the World War II. William made a special request to President Roosevelt to…show more content…
In 1940, William attempted to enlist with the U.S. Army; however his application was denied, for the simple reason his uncle was Hitler. When Germany had declared war on the U.S., William Patrick Hitler tried again to register for military service by writing an encouraging to the president. In the letter William expresses his hate towards the tyranny and oppression that was being cause by his uncle the Chancellor and leader of Germany, Hitler. In the letter, William explains all his attempts to do something that make the difference and help to solve these injustices, but that most of them had little to no success. That William would be honor to serve the President and the United States and fight against the biggest injustices of…show more content…
In this letter we are able to look at the past and see more than just the history, we can appreciate how the people felt at those times of unfairness. This letter in particular makes you understand not all of Germany was with Hitler or the Nazi party. How one of the closest relatives of the leader of Germany, didn’t share his ideas and rather oppose them. I found the letter amazing for many reasons among them the story of William Patrick Hitler of standing up against one of the most dangerous leaders in the world, and the historic richness the letter

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