Hitler's Rhetorical Power Of Hitler And Hitler

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portrays him with a young girl shaking her hand lovingly, below was the text ‘a man of peace and not a war monger as the world propaganda has depicted and slandered him’. The pamphlet declared Hitler a people’s man and that everybody loved him. Churchill according to Nazi propaganda was frivolous and stupid who enjoyed war and thus instigated it. The Nazis had paraphernalia like theatrical effects like martial music, seas of flags, massed ranks of storm troopers, and especially dramatic lighting sometimes using military searchlights, sometimes hand held flaming torches at meetings and rallies to increase the audience’s receptiveness. The comparison to Hitler could not be starker. Churchill held few rallies and employed no spin doctors or special effects. His preferred venue was the House of Commons or the wireless, where the audience physically present was relatively trivial where as Hitler addressed a crowd. Churchill relied on the power of the spoken word and the persuasiveness of the better argument. ‘Rhetorical power’, wrote Churchill ‘is neither wholly bestowed nor wholly acquired, but cultivated’. The visual propaganda for Hitler and Churchill when observed closely shows certain similarities as well as distinctions. The positive visual propaganda surrounding Hitler tried to portray him as the last hope that…show more content…
While Hitler had charisma, Churchill did not. According to Andrew Robert the truth is that Hitler exerted far more power over people’s imaginations and psyches than ever Churchill did. Hitler made use of two most powerful human emotions envy and resentment. After Germany lost the First World War and the ill treatment in the subsequent Versailles peace treaty, it was a downhill task to induce self-pity in the German people. And, Hitler quite well succeeded in this. Whereas, Churchill did not make use of envy or resentment as a psychological

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