Hitler's Speech Outline

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I) Introduction
A) Attention Getter: “It is not truth that matters, but victory.” Is one quote from Adolf Hitler.
B) Thesis: Hitler made an impact across the world, by beginning with an idea that Jews were the cause to the problems in Germany. From that he made the decision to try to eliminate Jews across Europe then the world
II) Body
A) Hitler grew up with a normal childhood
1. Early life
a. Born on April 20, 1889 in Braunau am Inn, Austria (“Adolf Hitler: Man and monster”).
b. Family members died (“Adolf Hitler”)
i. Father died 1903 Mother died 1907(“Adolf Hitler: Man and monster”).
c. Wanted to be an artist (“Adolf Hitler”).
2. Later life
a. Joined the army (“The Rise of the Nazi Party”).
i. Awarded two Iron Crosses for bavery
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The party grew from 27,000 in 1925 to 108,000 in 1929 (“The rise of the Nazi Party”). iii. The 84 year old ran again so Adolf would not win, Adolf won 37% of the votes –in 1932 (“The rise of the Nazi Party”) B) After the president died at the age of 84, Hitler then became president of Germany which lead into a dictatorship (“The rise of the Nazi Party”).

3. First minor changes he made
i. Made new laws against Jews having relation ships with anyone that has German blood (“Adolf Hitler: Man and monster”). ii. Made children 10 and older join organizations for Nazi beliefs (“The Coming of World War II”). iii. Made plans for world domination in 1937 (“Adolf Hitler”).
4. Starts attacking other countries
a. Events that happened
i. In 1938 took Austria and Sudetenland (“Adolf Hitler: Man and monster”). ii. Invaded Poland in 1929 thus France and England declared war (“Adolf Hitler”). iii. In 1939 the night of broken glass Nazis imprisoned 20,000 Jews in concentration camps, destroyed 200 synagogues, and 7,500 Jewish businesses (“The Coming of World War II”). iv. April 30th of 1945 Hitler accepted defeat in Berlin (“Adolf Hitler: Man and monster”).
v. From 1941 to 1945 the population of Jews in Europe decreased by six million, one and half million were children (“The
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