Hitler's Speech Rhetorical Analysis

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Everyone has heard of Adolf Hitler and how he tried to conquer Europe. He attempted doing it at the right time when everyone thought that Germany was going to lose everything, because, the national debt and inflation was so high. Germany was so desperate for anyone to help them that Adolf Hitler saw a chance to step up and be in charge of everything. Hitler was very good at acting like he really cared about his people. He claimed to the German people that he would help with unemployment, help businesses, success to the failed businesses, and to expand their army to make them more powerful. Thus, this was reassuring to the German people since they were in a depression and were desperate for any kind of direction. Which would help them to build…show more content…
Hitler’s use of pathos and ethos made him seem very emotional towards the topic. His use of pathos by using hand gestures to express more emotion while he talked as well as letting tension rise by making people wait made his speech more effective. He used ethos when he talked he would start in a lower voice and get higher while he made it sound like was really looking out for the German people. He wanted to gain their trust. When he would say sentences such as “The delusion that some are the conquerors and others the conquered destroys the trust between nations and thereby also destroys the world economy. But the misery of our people is terrible!” made it sound like he really cared about the people by saying how terrible it is that the people of Germany were in a depression and how they should trust him because other countries destroyed the trust thus destroying the economy. “Germany must not and will not sink into Communist anarchy.” Lastly when he said that it made him sound a lot more trustworthy and like he knew what he was doing more than what he did. Hitler was a really good speaker for how he acted like he wanted to better everyone’s life. With his use of hand gestures, how he would start with his voice being low than get really loud to make him seem so much more emotional and how he would word things to make him seem like a more caring person than people thought. He tried to help with the depression happening in Germany and started to abuse his
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