Hitler's Speech To Destruction Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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In this speech by Hitler, he talked about his hatred for the Treaty of Versailles and how he planned to abolish it. By the time he presented this speech, World War 2 was already well underway. Hitler spoke about how he hated the Treaty of Versailles and how much he would want to get rid of it even before he gained power. He talked about how it was an injustice to Germany and how it was created to destroy Germany. Hitler was very proud of Germany and wanted Germany to become the powerful country it once was. Hitler was explaining to the people of Germany the actions he took and justifications of his actions towards abolition of the Treaty of Versailles. The speech showed that Hitler, the leader of Germany, had planned to abolish the Treaty of Versailles which weakened Germany immensely. To bring prosperity to Germany again, Hitler decided to reverse everything the treaty had done to Germany. The speech by Hitler showed his pride and there was hint of him rejoicing in his own achievement that he did not just pay lips service, but delivered what he promised the people. The Treaty of Versailles created multiple economic problems for Germany, such as inflation and unemployment, by demanding a reduction in Germany trade, reparations, taking away resources and industry. The German were separated from each other due to the Treaty of Versailles taking away Germany territory. An unpopular government was also put into place because of the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler wanted to make

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