Hitler's Use Of Propaganda In Germany

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One of the most important factors of a leader being successful at war is having strong support from their home front and Adolf Hitler used this to his advantage a multitude of times during his reign as chancellor of Germany through the use of propaganda. One example of this was on September 1st, 1939 when Adolf Hitler ordered a blitzkrieg attack at Germany’s eastern border, unto Poland. This act he knew, would trigger a declaration of war from England. On the same day as the attack “The New York Times” reported Hitler as to have said “Germans in Poland are persecuted with a bloody terror and are driven from their homes. The series of border violations, which are unbearable to a great power, prove that the Poles no longer are willing to respect the German frontier.” (Tolischus).…show more content…
Another way in which Hitler and the Nazi regime used propaganda to gain support of their home front and to also spread anti-Semitic values was by targeting the youth of Germany. The reason for the Nazi regime specifically targeting the youth is because they were seen as politically valuable and easy to persuade. Nazi propaganda specifically targeted the youth of Germany to secure future generations of Nazi loyalists and

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