Hitler's Use Of Propaganda In World War II

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Propaganda in World War II Propaganda was a wide tool that was used throughout the entirety of World War II. The Nazi’s used it to put themselves in power and convince Germany that the Jews were the source of all evil. The Allied Forces used it to keep their countries unified and rallied in order to defeat the Germans and grow their own countries. There was no country involved in World War II that did not use propaganda in some form. Hitler made wide sweeps of propaganda to keep himself in perfect light and his enemies oppressed. Hitler’s main way of spreading propaganda early on was through his public speeches. He held a powerful and charismatic voice that convinced many Germans that he could solve the country’s problems after World War I.…show more content…
Every enemy was demonised. This was usually done with posters and flyers constantly associating them with skulls and monsters, so that even if nobody read them, Germans would still have those associations built up against their enemies. Hitler made everyone believe that his cause would be the best course of action for Germany to take in recovery. One of the themes used in this was the idea of their “Ideal” Aryan race. His campaigns were so successful that even at the end of the war, when his misdoings were shared with the world, many Germans still saw him as a savior and true hero of Germany. (Joelle Antilla, Nazi Propaganda and Its Influence in World War…show more content…
It ended up being successful enough to give Hitler a god-like status across Germany, with people fully accepting and believing that everything he did was justified. The posters were made specifically to propagate the messages in a way that the consumer didn’t even have to read it to get the implied associations. Propaganda covered all forms of media, including: art, music, theater, film, books, radio, press, and even into education. All of German-controlled territories were also subject to propaganda, especially Czechoslovakia and Poland. Sometimes even non-German areas were bombarded with propaganda in the form of pamphlet bombs. Nazi propaganda was both issued from the general populous to soldiers and military

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