Hitman Agency Essay

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[CENTER][IMG][/IMG] [SIZE=4]Hitman Agency Official Handbook || [COLOR="#FF0000"][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Version 1.0[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] [HR][/HR] List of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Duties 3. Operation Codes 4. Ranks 5. Company 6. ((OOC Commands)) 7. Killing Procedures 8. Strike Policy [center][SIZE=5]Introduction[/SIZE][/center] The Hitman Agency is an elite faction that is based on killing your target. The Hitman Agency is a department and our main goals is to kill our targets. He/she contacts us, and tells us to kill him/her and then we'll receive a high amount of money. We are also running a legal organization as a cover, just so no one eould suspect anything from us. [center][SIZE=5]Duties[/SIZE][/center]…show more content…
You know what youre doing, been completing several successful hits. Keep doing the same work. When you reach this rank, youre allowed to carry a bit heavier weapons. Elite Agent ((R4)) You are almost a Vice-Director of this Agency. You are a highly experienced killer, havent failed many hits and is almost capable of leading this Agency. You also got access to several new things. Vice-Director ((R5) You are the co-leader of this Agency. You have been dedicating several months for this department. You have been showing loyalty and now youre expected to give a few trainings to the lower ranks. Director ((R6)) You are leading this faction. You are an experienced professional killer. You are allowed to demote, kick or kill one of your members, depends on the situation. [center][SIZE=5]((OOC Commands))[/SIZE][/center] /disguise - It basically changes your skin. I recommend not using it in public, it would attract several people and just reveal you completely. Using this comnand for no hitman related, will give you one or two strikes. /mask - This command lets you to put on a mask, and it will display stranger when you type. Using this without doing a contract, will get you more than two strikes, maybe a kick, depends on the situation. /f(amily) - Its an OOC chat for the
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