Reflective Essay: A Short Story Of A Safe House

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Sky the color of rust and brown smoke, the streets of Gozu District are littered with its residents and their refuse. Thane glances over his shoulder, checking on the dancer as he drove his shuttle through the streets of district, and relief replaces his disquieted disposition as he saw the rise and fall of the dancer’s chest. Safe house (originally a tenement repurposed as such in his temporary stay) in sight, he pulls over a secluded spot, away from the foot traffic of the souls of Omega. Discreetly, he carries the dancer inside, the reinforced security lock turning red as the door whooshed shut. Once inside, he sets the dancer on the single bed. It is a small safe house, and it can barely considered as such, being more similar to a cramped apartment with minimal decoration and furnishings: whoever comes in is greeted by an electric burner for cooking meals and a small refrigerator beside a single…show more content…
Whether it is a grimace or a ghost of a smirk, another soul couldn’t tell. “Ha! From what I know so far, I’m guessing that you are a hitman, and that you are not a human,” the dancer triumphantly exclaims, leaning her head against the door with a small thud. There was no denying that Thane chuckled. “Well played, Miss…?” “Now hang on, I’m still the one asking questions. Why would I give you my name if I’m not even sure what you’re planning to do to me? You must have an angle in this. Is this about sex? I look like shit, so that can’t be it. Money? I don’t have any credits to pay-” “I understand your caution,” Thane interrupts as he folded his arms together. “Be assured that helping you is a conscious choice that I have done out of pity for an innocent. Nothing more.” “Altruism? In Omega? Am I really alive?” the dancer asks rhetorically, but Thane had a response. “You’re here and not in the
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