Hm Dekhenge Poem Analysis

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Hum Dekhenge is a revolutionary Nazm[ ] written by the Lenin Peace Prize winning Pakistani poet, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Faiz is one of the most famous Urdu language poets but has written in other languages like Punjabi as well. Faiz used Urdu poetry to spread the ideas of socialism across Pakistan. Faiz’s Nazms and Ghazals have been influential in the country. They dealt with themes of love, intoxication, nonviolence, revolution, sacrifice and peace. He spent much of his life going through much of Pakistan’s historically critical moments ranging from the birth of his country and the instability of the subsequent governments that ruled it. In the poem, Hum Dekhenge, Faiz writes about a promise. He says we shall see (hum dekhenge) the day that was promised to us. On this day the many injustices in the world will be blown away like cotton-wool. On this day the land beneath the feet of the oppressed will shake like a heartbeat and a storm will rise over powerful men and women. He says that on this day, all the idols will be expelled from the Kabah. The pure hearted people who were oppressed and outcast will sit on thrones while the powerful leaders and their regimes would be overthrown. He says that the only name that would remain would be that of God. The cry ‘I am the truth’ will rise and all who love God will persevere and rule. While he was brought up as a Muslim and saw himself as part of the Islamic community, Faiz himself was a proclaimed agnostic. However, in this poem
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