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With this case study I will attempt to offer clarification to the issue of medication mistakes being dispensed at HMO pharmacy. The fact that rates of dispensing errors are usually low there are some additional progresses in the pharmacy distribution systems that need some adjustments. Because pharmacies dispense such extraordinary volumes of medications that even a low error rate can render enormous volumes of lawsuits totaling even larger sums of payouts. Research also needs to be done with dispensing errors in out-patient health-care sites in community pharmacies within the USA and Europe. The process map labels the prescription filling development for HMO’s pharmacy, that will assist in identifying some of the key glitches that the HMO’s…show more content…
Ordering, dispensing, administering and transcribing. In these four steps, there are a number of prospective areas for error improvement. In the ordering process, you can see the incorrect dose, incorrect drug, incorrect route/form, allergy, drug interaction. In dispensing the concentration was on errors in wrong does, wrong route, wrong patient, wrong time incorrect labeling/drug ID, and allergy, drug interaction. Administering mistakes can involve wrong patient, wrong dose, wrong drug, wrong time/omitted, wrong route, and commonly involves infusion pumps. The last area of transcribing process, wrong dose, wrong route, wrong client, wrong time, and wrong drug errors can occur I recommend observing a number of effective substitutes that can considerably diminish the error rates in medication dispensing. I have discovered four studies of the effects of these approaches. In the first, the rate of dispensing errors in a, US hospital fell from 0.19 to 0.07% by the use of a bar code system, in a cost, benefit analysis the breakeven point for return on investment was during the first quarter of the fourth year. (Rolland P.,

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