Hmong Case Study

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1. Based on this week 's readings, how might teachers best support the needs of Hmong students who might have special needs? When working with Hmong American students who might have special needs, what should teachers be aware of when working with their parents? Research showed that Hmong parents cared deeply about their children. They want all of their children to succeed despite how they are born with their unique character traits. They also feel that mainstreaming their children into regular classroom is important to help their children build the social skills necessary to find and maintain a job in the workforce. Disability to Hmong people can take roots in religious beliefs as supernatural, punishment for sins, or blame on…show more content…
He argued that adopted materials might not be the best sources to teach Hmong heritage to Hmong youths because some of the information were often miss-informed and thus created inaccurate accounts of what really happened. The disparities caused confusion and thus information can be articulated inaccurately to Hmong youths who are learning about their history without any historical background. Teachers should empower Hmong Youth by varying their resources from different online sources to ensure that the information is accurate. A teacher should not limit the scope of their instruction to school curriculum but expands on knowledge with multiple avenues of information to participate in academic discourse and allow Hmong students to make their own connections and understanding. Educators need to use multiple sources to engage Hmong students so that information can be articulated accurately as to avoid confusions and misinformation. Yang also stresses the importance of finding credible sources and then filter the information from the collection of sources in order to allow Hmong students to expand their understanding and access to knowledge. Educators and professionals need to take precedence in ethical and responsible scholarships so that the information used to empower Hmong youths are accurate and avoid
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