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“If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime.” ― Jack Kerouac

Introduction As a Human Rights and Democratization student, I do not consider that there is a scale that makes it possible to differentiate a minor Human Rights violation from a great one. Violating Human Rights remains an act aimed at denigrating the humanity of the human being and his inherent rights. Therefore, for this academic paper I take the risk of not being in direct line with the instructions given, but the subject that will be elaborated below remains barely evoked, and for this simple reason, I consider that it constitutes in itself a violation of Human Rights. Indeed, my topic of interest is the Hmong community, and the indifference of France towards this community, both at national and international scale. This paper will therefore analyze the particular study case of the retired French Colonel Robert Jambon, veteran of the Indochina war (1950-54), who fought alongside with the Hmong and kept fighting for their causes when being back to France. Outraged of the weak reaction of France towards the Hmong community situation, notably in Laos in Vietnam, the Colonel
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The Hmong community is originally an ethnic group from China who, following persecutions, moved to Indochina (French colony), to settle in what will become later Laos. Several years later, the Hmong were “forced” to take part in the Indochina wars alongside with the French (1946-1954), and the American Secret War (1962-1975) to respectively fight against the Japanese imperialism and Communism. When the Vietnamese war took an end in 1975, the fail of the United States was at the advantage of the communist forces the Hmong are the victims of a genocide, forcing an important part of this population into exile in order to escape the reprisal of the

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