Hmong American Culture Essay

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Being the second generation of a Hmong American caused complexities. Home consisted of strict traditional Hmong rules. Outside of home was an expression of freedom of the American life. Both have its own diversity. Balancing both felt as though sacrifices should be made. An enrollment in suburban schools increased my decision of sacrifices. The perspective of life as a Hmong American began to develop in ways I thought was changing. Moving from the city to the suburb was a relocation with a heavy heart. The migration to the suburb gave me a whole new perspective. I was raised by my father and grandparents who are immigrants. Their slight grasp of English raised a one-sided girl. The word “Hmong American” was an unknown vocabulary. An understanding…show more content…
Curiosity of the Hmong culture and its history lacked. I found myself more inquisitive in this popular culture we live in, the American culture. Being a woman who is Hmong American made me question my role as a female. In the Hmong culture, a daughter is highly restricted with her options. Men and women have little to no equality. Men are typically the dominant one. As for the American culture, women and men are beginning to reach equality. Not only is the culture seeking for women equality, but other categories as well. An equal balance of both cultures seemed impossible. It felt as though choosing one would be betraying or left with limited…show more content…
I came to a sense that there isn’t a thing as choosing a “Hmong life” or “American life”. From being completely Hmong to American was a battle. A learned acceptance of being Hmong American is who I am. Hmong American life is a mixture of both cultures. It doesn’t result in losing one for another, but more on balancing. The understanding of both culture will only expand knowledge. I was blind from the beauty of living in both cultures. Gaining my Hmong fluency and expanding my knowledge about the Hmong culture continues to grow today. With balance, I proceed to progress with the English language and American

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