Hmong Culture Research Paper

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Retracing back to my ethnic history, Hmong people was a minority group that originally originated in China and slowly spread to Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, United States, Australia, and France. It was never identified if the Hmong people had their own country or if they were part of the Chinese lineage whom had become a minority group of their own with its own language and culture. It is found that, the Hmong cultural last names consist of 18 different last names and were very similar to the Chinese last names. As to that there are still Hmong people who live in China mainland. For this reason, it had been a belief that the Hmong cultural did exist from China and had ancestors who were monarchs. It is found that, the Hmong cultural did not become known until when Vietnam War broke out during World War II. The Hmong cultural became known when they took part of helping the US troops against Vietnam when Ho Chi Minh was in power. In the same way, Hmong cultural was also known for their tragic survival stories and stories of crossing the famous Mekong River between Laos and Thailand.…show more content…
In our religion, we value and respect our ancestors as our divinity. Instead of attending a mosque, in Hmong culture, Hmong people worship their ancestors in their own homes. Even until today, Hmong culture traditions are still practiced and had been used on different racial and ethnic group. For an example, there had been a few cases in the Hmong community where the Hmong ritual practice had been used to cure sickness, health conditions, and cure soul regarding spiritual belief on different racial groups. The Hmong immigrants’ has kept many of their cultures and tradition even after they migrated to United States of
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